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Picking Up the Pieces:  The Mirror of Erised

You might want to start with my poem.  This post is an expansion of it.

Last semester in my Children’s Literature class, we read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  It was really awesome.  I’d been looking forward to it since day one.

However, reading it was not without heated debate.  One of these debates was when we discussed the mirror of erised.  Some people thought it only shows a person one desire, which as you probably already know, is their deepest.  Others thought it could show multiple deep desires.


Death of People.

Well said, John. Well said.

Storytime with John

People keep dying, and I wish we could do something about it.

Not actually stop people from dying in general you understand; I mean that would be ridiculous, a mad scheme of a raving lunatic…something you would pull from a bad science-fiction novel (or something I would write, which is effectively the same thing), so yeah – no. Instead I am suggesting maybe some sort of system where we know when people will say goodbye to the physical world as we know it. That’s all. 

Rickman Phone GIF

I’ll let the technological boffins see to the details and the fine-tuning of the actual logistics of such a thing; I’m more of the Steve Jobs in this situation, barking out grandiose ideas and then coming back once they’re all done to unveil the finished article, (and then taking all the glory). 

You see, I don’t like waking up to news about family who have…

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