When Patronuses Fail

If we were in London – or Scotland, for that matter – and I was feeling blah like I am right now, I could simply cast a patronus, eat some chocolate and be all better. But because this isn’t Hogwarts and magic as J.K. Rowling defines it doesn’t exist, I have to make do with what reality gives me.

Daily Prompt

My Necessities

I always have my phone and my headphones with me.


Dealing With Me During Dark Times- Depression Is Anger Turned Inward, blog by Drem

Not naming any names, but some people could stand to take notes …

Drem - Artist

I wrote part of this in response to someone asking about how to care for someone during a serious episode of depression. I think this sums up my entire life.

i just tell my mom to not talk to me. i live on leftovers and granola bars (mostly peanut butter Cliff bars). sometimes i eat a banana. if I’m in a really crazy mood, i’ll make toast. but that’s rare. i don’t answer the door. i don’t pick up the phone. because of that, i don’t order food.

she got a boyfriend to stay occupied. i’m happy for her. he’s nice.
that’s it. that’s life. i sit. i take my meds. i watch tv. i watch nothing. then flashes. flash flash flash of bad images. bad home movies. of my life. of me. in my past. i take more meds. i feel too much. but a vacancy is there deep…

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