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  • Not Just a Fangirl

    I’ve talked about this before, but after this weekend, I think it bears repeating.

  • My Style

    I don’t really have a style.  That’s probably because I hate shopping, except for technology or books.  Give me jeans and a t-shirt, and I’m happy.

  • Fandoms in Phases?

    Yesterday, I was out at breakfast with my mother when she said something that, frankly, insulted me.

  • My Fanmily

    I’m an only child.  To make up for this, many of my favorite fictional characters (and sometimes my favorite famous people) are like family to me.  I used to shy away from this, because I thought if people knew, they would think I was weird.  But more recently, I’ve embraced it.  I even admitted it […]

  • Finding My Center

    You might want to start with these: Home is Where the Fandoms are On Rachel Platten