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  • If I had to Choose

    If I had to choose between writing my own blog and reading others, I don’t think I could.

  • Explosion

    They’d warned us it was happening.  We’d seen it too.  We just didn’t know when it would actually happen.  What we did know was that we’d had a string of natural disasters in quick succession, one after the other.  We’d exhausted almost all of our resources in the aftermath of those.  Now we were just […]


  • Fictional Boys: Setting the Unattainable Standard

    Another thing about fiction: the boys. They’re always attractive: good-looking, daring, protective of their girlfriend, and caring. Not at all pushy – they won’t make her do something she doesn’t want to. They love her so much they do anything to keep her. Of course, most fictional couples fight about something, but they are almost […]

  • Come to the Dark Side – We Have Fiction

    I know I originally said I like fiction because it’s nice to forget reality, but fiction also has a darker side. Some books are too perfect. Sure, they have their rollercoaster of feels and plot twists like any other book. However, these “perfect” books end with “Happily Ever After” – particularly if your name is […]