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  • Spain seems to be confused

    I’m still working my way through Harry Potter y el prisoner de Azkaban. It’s actually my New Year’s resolution to finish it. However, there seems to be a translation faux pas. Let’s break it down, shall we? Here’s a passage from the book in Spanish: POR ORDEN DEL MINISTERIO DE MAGIA Si recuerda a los clientes que hasta nuevo adviso los […]

  • When Patronuses Fail

    If we were in London – or Scotland, for that matter – and I was feeling blah like I am right now, I could simply cast a patronus, eat some chocolate and be all better. But because this isn’t Hogwarts and magic as J.K. Rowling defines it doesn’t exist, I have to make do with […]

  • Not caught up

    Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is one of my favorite podcasts.

  • My Favorite Quotation

    I write because I love to write, not because I want to get rich

  • Fandoms in Phases?

    Yesterday, I was out at breakfast with my mother when she said something that, frankly, insulted me.