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  • The “Droughtlander” antidote

    Musical composer genius Bear McCreary recently dropped the soundtrack from Outlander season 4. We won’t have to wait much longer for season 5 – my personal favorite as far as the books are concerned. I made a master playlist of all the soundtracks, and I’m listening to it as I write this. I may like […]


  • Thoughts on Outlander’s accuracy

    A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this article about Outlander. I know I said before that I was somewhat disappointed in this season because they changed some of the little things that I’d been looking forward to, but all in all, I’m actually quite satisfied with the television adaptation. The accuracy actually makes it […]

  • Outlander has a Brianna problem?

    I was going through my saved articles on Google the other day, when I came across this one. I definitely see where the author is coming from, but I don’t agree with everything, and their argument is confusing at times. I’m going to try and make sense of it here. Let’s rewind to the beginning […]

  • Why am I still so bothered by it?

    Let me set the scene, shall I?  One of my mother’s friends came for a visit, and she was in our den watching Outlander, one of my favorite TV shows.

  • Courtesy of Bear McCreary

    If my life were a movie, I’d only want one man to do the entire soundtrack:  Bear McCreary.