Apple Podcast Archives: Part 3

In part two, I basically had a tantrum about how I lost some episodes of a podcast while I was listening to it.

I’m happy to report that somehow, I was able to get those episodes back, and more episodes I was missing from other shows. It’s weird, but I’m not complaining.

Also, the Podcasts app on the phone now looks the same as it does on my Mac. I was thinking that maybe that had something to do with retrieving the lost episodes, but now that I think about it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I think I’ve learned my lesson – it’s okay to binge an entire show at once. I won’t go back to playing them in a specific order again until I’m caught up with all my podcasts.


Apple Podcasts archives: Part II

Okay, now I’m actually mad. In fact, I might just give up listening to podcasts altogether.

I was listening to Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris when all of a sudden I got a message that said something like “This episode has been removed by Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris.”

I’ve lost episodes before, but never while I was listening to them. Now there’s only 22 episodes in the show’s feed. It had 68 or something before.

Maybe I should’ve listened to all my shows more often, but I can only listen to so many in a day, you know?

If I could let go of wanting – needing? – to listen to all the episodes, this wouldn’t be a big problem. But I don’t know if I can.

All this being said, I’ve been almost irrationally angry lately, so maybe I’ll feel differently when I calm down.

I wish I could get the lost episodes back somehow. I saw something on Google about asking the podcaster to increase their episode limit in these RSS feed, but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

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Apple Podcasts archives

Some people call it Apple Podcasts. Some people call it iTunes. It’s all the same to me; nomenclature isn’t what I’m after here.

I love podcasts. I listen to a lot of them – maybe too many, they take up most of the storage on my phone at the moment. I’m interested in all of them though, and I try to listen to every episode. Except when I can’t.

“When I can’t” is the problem. I don’t know why, but sometimes the different podcasts randomly delete episodes from their feeds. Sometimes they delete downloaded episodes as well, instead of just removing the downloads from my phone to free up space.

It’s all good if I can access the episodes I haven’t listened to elsewhere. Sometimes, however, that’s impossible. I recently had to delete a podcast because I couldn’t find the older episodes.

Maybe I’m just too anal that I want to listen to all the episodes, no matter how old they are. But my question is this: why can’t all the podcast episodes be accessible from Apple? Is there a reason they randomly disappear? It’s not fair, if you ask me. If not Apple, they should at least be accessible in one other place.


Don’t play with me, Crimetown

Yesterday, this appeared in my Apple Podcasts feed. I was pleasantly surprised, because I thought Crimetown was a Spotify exclusive now. Maybe enough people complained about the switch that they decided to put it back on Apple Podcasts?

Whatever happened yesterday, I hope it’s not a fluke. I hope they release the rest of season 2. I think I’m going to wait to listen to it until they update it again, just to make sure it’s actually going to happen.

To tease an audience like this and never update it again would be worse than Spotify taking off of Apple Podcasts in the first place. I’d probably write another angry post about it. On second thought, I know I would. Let’s hope I don’t have to.


Monopoly: Podcast Edition

Last month, I came across this snippet as part of the Daily Rundown on LinkedIn. And It made me really mad. Because, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had issues with podcasts.

One time, my Apple Podcasts library deleted all the podcasts I’d been listening to. Sometimes, the app crashes for no apparent reason. And sometimes, Apple wipes out old episodes when I haven’t listened to them yet. I don’t know why that happens either, but it’s annoying.

Now, Spotify has bought another podcast network, Parcast. They’d already bought Gimlet, which had one of my favorite podcasts on it, Crimetown. They put the trailer and the first episode of season 2 on Apple Podcasts, but the rest of it is exclusively on Spotify.

I haven’t listened to it. Why should I have to download a separate app just to listen to one podcast? It’s not fair. I know it’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but why can’t people have access to everything no matter what podcast app they choose to use? I know Spotify probably wants more people to use the platform so it can make more money, but that doesn’t mean they get to have a monopoly on podcasts and podcast networks.

I know Spotify doesn’t own everything right now, but it sure seems headed in that direction. And I’m pretty sure – if my memory of history class over the years serves me – that the United States has anti-trust laws, which mean monopolies are illegal. All I have to say is Spotify better quit while it’s ahead.


Thoughts on Paula Faris

It’s probably best to get my bias out of the way at the top and say that Paula Faris is one of my favorite journalists. Realistically, everyone at ABC News is my favorite, but Paula is also nice enough to notice me on social media most of the time I have something to say to her. And if you’ve read Twitter Magic, you know that this means a lot to me.

Anyway, she was on last week’s episode of her friend and colleague Dan Harris’s podcast talking about her new podcast, “Journeys of Faith,” where she interviews pretty much anybody and everybody who happens to be famous about their faith and what it means to them. Not being particularly religious – I’d call myself a lapsed Catholic at best – I honestly was kind of skeptical about whether I would like the podcast or not. But I was willing to give it a chance because it’s Paula Faris.

It’s not simply a podcast about faith and religion though. That would be selling it short. It’s about why people believe what they believe. In her interview with Dan – which was laugh out loud funny by the way, they’re obviously close friends – Paula argued that faith shouldn’t just be something you get from your parents. This assertion really hit home for me because it feels like the phase of life I’m in right now. Trying to figure out who I am as an individual independent of my family. If we don’t know why we believe something, what’s the point?

This episode also really got me thinking about journalism. Not that I didn’t know what I would potentially be getting myself into or anything, but Paula talked about how the demands of her job affected her personal life. It was interesting; I’d never really thought about that sort of thing before. I’ve always focused on whether I’m capable of doing the job or not.

Which is fair, I guess. I don’t have much of a personal life to speak of at the moment. But it definitely gave me some food for thought about how I can balance journalism – if and when I break into the business – and my life outside of work. So, I guess the main thing I have to say about this episode of 10% Happier is thanks for getting me thinking.


Not caught up

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is one of my favorite podcasts.


My Favorite Podcasts

I’ve had some trouble with podcasts in the past.  The app on my iPhone deleted all of them, so I gave up on listening for awhile.


About Podcasts Part II

Yeah … About Podcasts


Yeah … About Podcasts

This school year, I started listening to Podcasts.  Once I found Dan Harris, I didn’t look back.