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  • The Snaps

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  • This Week in Cool Things

    This week on “Sometimes Cool Things Actually Happen to Marialena Gallagher,” these things happened:

  • Snapgold Chatroom 

    A few months ago, Goldroom took over the snap channel on Discover.  Every day, they released a video for one of the songs on their EP, It’s Like You Never Went Away. At the end of the week, they combined all the videos into a short film.  It was so good.  Being busy with school […]


  • Cray in LA

    It’s a late night after Game 2 of the NBA Finals.  I’m about to go to bed when I check Snapchat one more time.    Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I tapped the CATCONLA Story.  A whole convention dedicated to cats.  Seriously?  We don’t have enough nerds at all the other conventions? […]