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  • I stand corrected

    In a recentpost, I discussed what I thought was a translation error in Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban. I sent it to two of my friends and one of my former professors to see what they thought. You learn something new everyday, right? It turns out that “Pascuas” actually means “Christmas” in Spain. One of my friends sent me […]

  • Subtitles

    I’ve been watching Future Man on Hulu recently – hence the photo – and because I’m a nerd (and trying to be proud of it), I turned on the Spanish subtitles. It’s also a way to ease myself back into Spanish. It’s really cool to see how certain words are translated into Spanish. Sometimes, they’ll […]

  • Spain seems to be confused

    I’m still working my way through Harry Potter y el prisoner de Azkaban. It’s actually my New Year’s resolution to finish it. However, there seems to be a translation faux pas. Let’s break it down, shall we? Here’s a passage from the book in Spanish: POR ORDEN DEL MINISTERIO DE MAGIA Si recuerda a los clientes que hasta nuevo adviso los […]

  • Don’t Tell me How to Live my Life

    After the conversation with my uncle’s friend last week, part of me was disappointed.  That is, until I realized something.

  • Let me offer you some free advice

    I never knew two words could – or would, for that matter – mean so much.