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  • Twitter Magic: Blogging Edition

    A few minutes after I published Friday’s post, I got the above reply from Crimetown’s Twitter account. I’m really happy that they’ve decided to release it everywhere. However, I’m more surprised than anything else that they noticed my blog post. It’s one thing to have my favorite famous people and/or journalists like my tweets and […]

  • Tweet vs. Twitter Post

    It’s no secret that President Trump loves to tweet. What I’ve noticed, however, is how news articles refer to this activity. Some say something like “[Trump said] in a Twitter post”, while others say “tweeted” or “said in a tweet”. Personally, I think “Twitter post” is a mouthful. It’s much easier to say “so and […]

  • I Like Me Better When I’m on Twitter

    If you haven’t heard “I Like Me Better” by Lauv, I would suggest taking a few minutes to watch the music video before reading this post. https://youtu.be/BcqxLCWn-CE

  • Twitter Magic

    In Wednesday’s post, I talked about how social media is meant to bring people together.  Sometimes, it really does.

  • On Sophie Skelton

    As you may know, Tuesday was International Women’s Day.  On Twitter, I came across this: