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  • The Conclusion of Wide Sargasso Sea: Pages 121-171

    The letters that Rochester receives give him details about her family and her past.  Like the fact that her mother was mad, and she apparently tried to kill her husband.  Antoinette is headed down the same path.

  • Wide Sargasso Sea, Part II: Pages 76-121

    Because this section was narrated by Rochester and I had a better idea of what was going on, it was much easier to follow. The marriage of Rochester and Antoinette was awkward at first, with neither person completely comfortable.  However, a few days later, they both seem to relax and let their guard down, becoming at […]

  • What I learned

    In English today, I was relieved to find out that I wasn’t the only one having trouble following Wide Sargasso Sea.  We discussed that it may be a series of vignettes because A) Either Bertha is trying to write her story while she is locked in Rochester’s attic and she fades in and out of reality […]

  • Wide Sargasso Sea, Part I: Pages 17-76

    I actually started from the beginning because I figured it wouldn’t make much sense if I started in the middle. It didn’t help much. Here’s what’s on the back: Jean Rhys’s reputation was made upon the publication of this passionate and heartbreaking novel, in which she brings into the light one of fiction’s most mysterious […]