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  • Gendered words

    It seems you did so not with reason or deduction, but something akin to female intuition. London Spy, Episode 2 This quote from London Spy starring Ben Whishaw really got me thinking. But maybe I should set the scene first. Ben’s character, Danny, is trying to figure out how his boyfriend, Alex Turner, was murdered. […]

  • Canceled or Cancelled?

    This one makes absolutely no sense to me.  And, it’s tripping me up. I always thought “cancelled” was spelled with two “l”s.  That’s always the way I’d seen it spelled.  At least until now, that is.  These days I’ve seen it spelled more often “canceled”.  I don’t know why this is, but it’s gotten to […]

  • Lying or Laying?

    This has always been a bit confusing for me.  Yes, even English majors get confused about words. I know “lying” is the gerund form of “to lie,” and that’s a no brainer.  Lying simply means not telling the truth. What I’m talking about is something like “So and so is laying down”.  Do we write […]

  • The Connotation of Cuss Words

    I’ll admit I swear a lot more than I used to. It’s part of the reason my vocabulary seems to have shrunk, which is not exactly something I’m proud of.

  • A v. An

    This is one of my biggest grammar pet peeves.