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  • Guess What, I’m a Millennial

    I came across another BuzzFeed News article the other day. This time, though, it’s something I completely agree with. Millennials. We were born at some point between 1981 and 1996. So, I came into play two years before the cutoff. At first, life was easy enough. I did well in school, I had friends (to an […]

  • Not so much Fun

    Fun, graciosa, divertido These are words for the same thing in which I cannot partake, oh no. Even though they say all work and no play will make me a dull lass, I am not allowed to have any sass. Believe me, I tried the other way, working my ass off, But all that did […]

  • Book Problem

    So, I’m writing a book. I wanted to post it here to get feedback, but Mom said no because it’s not done and I have to edit it. My friend said she might be afraid that someone would steal my ideas. What do you think? Would someone steal my work?